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Antioch Invitational 1.5

Greetings good gentles!

The purpose behind Antioch Invitational is to introduce Tir Righ to the community and attract new members to come out and participate and bring the dream that is the SCA to life!

I am pleased to let everyone know that we are running another Antioch this May 14/11.
The reason for this is that the event is going through a date change,
By having Antioch 1.5 in the spring it will be simpler to encourage newcomers to come out to our Tourneys that run all through the spring and summer. This gives them something to come to right away rather then waiting through Christmas and the winter and perhaps lose interest. Tir Righ didn't want to wait for a year and a half to hold this event a second time.

This is going to be a scaled down version from the Nov. event. We have the one barn so the space will be full of interesting things to see and talk about. There will space be available to us as a Arts & Sciences type area. Please bring your winter projects to work on and get ready for the coming season. Games and music will also be a part of the day.

There will be fighting throughout the day. Weather permitting there is also a rapier war practice planned for outside! Ideally the fully armored combatants can have one too!

Due to time and space restrictions we will unfortunately not be able to have merchants at this Antioch. In 2012 we are planning to invite them all back as they add so much to our game!
Antioch 2 will also be inviting last season merchants as a priority, as they were all so fantastic.

If you came out in the fall we encourage you to come again and if not then come and see what it is all about. Great fun was had and it was nice to just be able to visit with friends.

Please watch for further information on these lists, on Facebook and on the Antioch website (soon to be updated). This event is not listed on Kingdom Calender. Please contact me with any ideas or questions, I know we can work together to make this a terrific day. (desgod@hotmail.com)


In Service to the Dream
Desiree Chirastella
Events Deputy for Tir Righ
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