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Autumn War RV holding tank pump-out info

My husband and I have contacted Honey Bucket (the provider servicing the biffies
on site) and will be arranging for RV pump-out service for AW if enough interest is indicated. This will likely happen on Saturday evening but will need to be arranged for by Friday night.
There will be a sign-up sheet posted at Gate if you wish to avail yourself of
this service.

At present, we do not know the cost, if any, of this service but as soon as I
can get a rough idea here and from the co-autocrat of how many rigs we can
expect, we will be able to get a firm price from Honey Bucket. This service is
being arranged by my husband and me and is NOT a part of the contract the
autocrats have with Honey Bucket, FYI. To avail yourself of the service, you MUST sign up by Friday night AND be able to be at your rig at the appointed time for pump-out. This is necessary because to pump out your black-water tank, you MUST hold open the toilet flush valve from inside the RV or else your toilet will be sucked into your holding tank. If you miss the appointed time, be sure to send someone else in your stead. I hate to be mean but if you have signed up and paid and you are not there when the pump-out truck arrives, too bad for you.

If you think this is something you're interested in, contact me via message here on LJ.

Also, let me know directly if you plan to attend with your RV as Thomas and I have
been coerced into helping the autocrat team with the RVs this year. ALL SITES
will be unassigned first come, first served, sites except for the two closest to
all the activities. Those sites will be reserved for handicapped campers. That
said, we are NOT the RV-o-crats...merely the minions. Be kind to the minions or
we'll leave eggs on your doorstep in the night. We are armed with chickens and we're dangerous.

Marguerite des Laines Noire
Thomas of Salisbury

I do have the permission of the co-autocrat, Lady Orabilia, to post this here.
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