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Drachenwald seeking help

Next June, our midsummer coronation will also be a celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Drachenwald becoming a Kingdom.  Naturally, this will be a big event and we would like to get in touch with as many former Drachenwalders, especially former crowns and coronets.

As such, we have a missive from the Crown, which we would like distributed as widely as possible.  It has already been sent to Kingdom Chroniclers, but we would also like it put out via Kingdom mailing lists and, if at all possible, linked on Kingdom websites.

I'm not sure if attachments work on this list, so instead, if you are able to publish the missive, or link to the site, please contact me for details.

Master Raphe Cuthbert
Drachenwald Web Minister

Event website:

Text of missive:

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