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Master James the Obscure

Master James the Obscure is going in to the UW Cardiac Care Unit today, for open-heart surgery to replace his aortic valve. This isn't an emergency procedure; he hasn't even felt poorly, but he will feel better after it's done, and live longer. His surgeon will be the same one who replaced his mitral valve 12 years ago, and he gives James excellent odds of coming through just fine. James's health and mood have been good this year, and he is not too worried about the operation, which will take place on the 17th.

His 79th birthday will be Jan. 19, but he's not going to be up for partying quite that soon. Once he's convalescing, he'd love to have some company, in person or by phone. He'll be in the hospital till the 28th at least, possibly a bit longer, then kicking back quietly at home through the month of February.

He's planning to do a single entry at the Kingdom Bardic Championship, the first weekend in March, if his doctor allows - that's pretty soon, but if all goes well, he should be out and about by then, and be camping again by June Faire.

BTW, just to set everyone's mind at ease - because rumors seem to grow legs - James has never had a heart attack, never had a stroke, never had or needed a caregiver. In 2006 he had a transient ischemic attack and couldn't drive for six months after that, plus he also had a hernia operation that year, but other than that he's been well; fitter and healthier than most people his age, both physically and mentally. So, not to worry - the University of Washington is one of the top-rated cardiac care units in the country, and they will take good care of him.
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