Elenbarathi (elenbarathi) wrote in an_tir,

Jess Blade-maker has passed on...

As many of you know, Jess Roe has been losing the battle with cancer all winter. Here is the amazing tribute that Wolfe MacLeod wrote for him on December 26 - Losing my best friend, my Mentor - when Jess was not expected to live another two days.

Jess being Jess, he lived another two months and two days. Here is Wolfe's post of February 28: Great disturbance in The Force - we lost Jess Roe last night.

I would say "Rest well, dear old friend", but I don't think 'rest' would be much to his taste - he'll be quaffing the good stuff in Valhalla with Mischka, Carl Redstone and a bevy of buxom Valkyries.

"There from the flowing bowl
Deep drinks the warrior's soul;
Skoal! to the Northland! Skoal!"
Thus the tale ended.
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